Northwestern University(ノースゥェスタン大学)

pin Campus

Overview NU campus

pin On an occation of the Symposium in Memory of Professor Toshio Mura at NU on May 24th and 25th in 2010

MuraSymp MuraSymp MuraSymp MuraSymp MuraSymp Ford Design Center Building, MuraSymp MuraSymp Coffee Break, MuraSymp MuraSymp MuraSymp MuraSymp MuraSymp by Cell Phone Camera (Please widen the separage window to show 100%.)

pin Buildings etc.

Tower Tower2 Tower3 University Hall, MusicLib MusicLibTower Music Library, Tech Technological Institute in 1978, TechInWinter Tech in Winter, Library University Library, Hall Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, IceCream Icecream Girl near Norris Univ. Center, Garrett Garrett2 Garrett3 Garrett Theological Seminary, Chapel Millar Chapel

pin Creature and Nature

Butterfly butterfly, Squirrel squirrel, Geese wild geese, Geese2 Ice Ice on branches

pin Football etc.

Football NU against Ohio in 1980 (has been at ROSE BOWL in 1995!), MarchingBand Band Marching Band, CheerLeaders Band with Cheer Girls

pin Lindheimer Astronomical Research Center

AstroSummer AstroSpring AstroWin and AstroNight

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