Through Elegant Eyes

副題:Stories of Austro and Men Who Know Everything
1983年にCorroboree Pressより刊行、連作短編集
初版1000部、通しナンバーつき、うち30部は非売品(Presentation Copy)


 The All-At-Once Man/Mud Violet/Barnaby's Clock/And Read the Flesh Between the Lines/Animal Fair/The Ungodly Mice of Doctor Drakos/The Two Headed Lion of Cris Benedetti/The Hellaceous Rocket of Harry O'Donovan/The Wooly World of Barnaby Sheen/Rivers of Damascus/Old Halloweens on the Guna Slopes/Brain Fever Season/What Big Tears The Dinosaur's/And All The Skies Are Full of Fish/St. Poleander's Eve